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1 definition by march28<3

this girl is sweet amazing talented a great singer<3 she stole my heart the first day i met her and still has it, this is a girl that never gets o9f your head a girl you can never leave cus you will sure regret it. she is amzing to talk to , mature and gives great advice:D she may be a lil confusing at times because shes afraid she will be hurt. she is my true love i dont regret leaving anyone for her . she makes my day its like a whole new adventure everyday with her. the longest we stay with out fighting has been 17 hours but fighting just shows we have diffrent views and the fact we still work things out is that we accept our diffrences and are happily together:Dshes soo beutifull her eyes her smiles captivate me<3 i cant help but stare at her every second i can<3 shes my future
i thank God i met Abigail
by march28<3 August 04, 2011