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In a polyamourous relationship where at least two women are involved each woman is a sisterwife to the other. Sisterwives may or may not have a sexual relationship with each other.
Linda is Amy and john's sisterwife.
by maplefrost June 27, 2010
Two women having both recently had intercourse with the same man who ejaculated into each of them performing cunnilingus on the other.
Jack's bliss babe Anne and their girlfriend did the 69 cream pie while he got ready for another round.
by maplefrost May 26, 2009
interracial sex acts.
Jack and Shanti make one hell of a good looking zebra fuck!
by maplefrost May 26, 2009
Primary female partner of a (generally) polyamorous man who willingly helps find and sexually participates with other female partners
Jacks lucky, Beth is a bliss babe
by maplefrost May 22, 2009
A woman who enjoys seeing her generally male partner having sexual and or romantic relations with another woman.
"Beth knows Jim is sleeping with Susan. Beth doesn't mind, she's a Female Gallant, who gets off on the compersion."
by maplefrost May 26, 2009
any building or zoning official who is overly zealous ,persnickity and plays favorites in enforcing local building or zoning codes
Poor Helen, she's a nice old lady who has run afoul of the code nazi
by maplefrost May 26, 2009
A bisexual woman who is sexually open to many partners, especially couples. also called a unicorn
that hotbibabe Annie spent the weekend with Susan and Jack in a fuckfest.
by maplefrost May 26, 2009
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