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1) an area with many male gays inhabiting a space surrounding a gay or straight person who may or may not love it.

2) anywhere there are a lot of fudge packing, loud shirt wearing, anorexic vegan, body hair waxing, antoine dodson sounding, limp wristed, lady gaga loving fruits.

3) any place comedian kathy griffin is performing stand up comedy.
1) Dude look at all these queers, this must be queertopia for you.

2) Holy shit! How did we get stuck in the middle of queertopia? We must leave this bar IMMEDIATELY!

3) I will not go to see Kathy Griffin live, she has such a huge gay following that the club is going to be a f*cking queertopia of epic proportions. Plus, Kathy Griffin sucks, is not funny and is annoying as hell anyways.
by maplebud.hb September 09, 2010
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