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Always a woman, who enjoys performing sexual acts on/for men, including:

1. Ball-licking

2. ass-fucking

3. pussy-fucking

4. boob fucking

5. blowjob/cock sucking

And more...
I fucked that bitch hard last night. I put that bitch down on the bed, on her back and held her head down, while i stuck my hard Cock in her ass, and fucked her. Then i rammed my still-hard cock in her sizzling wet pussy, while she screamed and moaned for me to fuck her more. Later she sucked my balls, and gave me the wettest cocksuck/blowjob until i cummed in her mouth, and she swallowed it.
Even though i was done, that bitch still wanted more of my cock...
by manydefinitions August 15, 2008

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