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The holy grail of a shared house when all the girls are away leaving the lads. Generally involves lots of beer consumption, football watching and rowdyness. Typical songs listened to during lads weekend include "three lions on the shirt" and "vindaloo".
"Yes its lads weekend again"
"Lads weekend lets go mental and trash the gaff, grapes and bread anybody?"
"lets go get some chubby hos, I love lads weekend"
by mandyisblack.beafraid December 05, 2008
slang word for cocaine (charlie), dirived from the bags which are attached to horses heads to feed them, commonly called "nose-bags"
oi gas man, man up and pass me the bag

oooooh, i love bag

that bag was a right touch
by mandyisblack.beafraid December 05, 2008

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