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To be void-like. To have or to be of nothing of importance. Can be related to people or actions.
I had a voidicious afternoon; no one seemed to matter, and any thing I did had no purpose.

Shelley was in one of her voidicious moods; she hardly spoke at all.
by Mandy June 25, 2004
-A language used by the net elite.
-The 1005 useage of the |_337 net language.
|)00|) j00 |20(|<!!
{"Dude, you rock!!" in |_337}
by Mandy October 01, 2003
Another word for "Image" used only by Yohi ("the king" as Uria loves to call him, in fact he's a mustard).
Yohi: Ok, then you have that menu of "Imej"...

Elad and Tamir: You stupid bald!
by mandy April 01, 2005
Having that special ‘IT’ factor. Icon or superstar qualities. An underground word used in trendy circles
Madonna has Ereamo. She’s proved it by dominating the charts for over 20 years
by Mandy March 25, 2005
someone or something that is crunk as hell and is worthy of the title.
That new lil jon and da eastside boyz new song is fo sho crunkworthy!
by Mandy November 25, 2003
-Jesus Christ Already.
-a word said in fustration after a sentence or before. Usually after someone annoys the living crap out of you
-usually used a la internet chatting (SAIM, yahoo, msn)
annoying loser: did you *loser show no one cares about* last night?
me: no
annoying loser: well did you?
annoying loser: are you sure you didn't, cause-
me:(cuts annoying loser off*: no i haven't, jca!...you stupid fuck.
by Mandy April 05, 2005
a hot piece of lovin'. see sexy.
I wish Stone were all mine.
by mandy March 09, 2005

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