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Someone who is like a recessionista, but lives that way whether or not there is a reccession.
Karen lived her life as a frugalista, therefore she was always shopping at SalVal and Goodwill for clothes.
by manderjean January 02, 2010
The days following a holiday or a long break from work and/or school where a person stays up late, eats a lot and generally rolls out of bed at noon. These days feel like Sundays, hence they are interminable.
The days following New Years Eve always feel like an Interminable Sunday.
by manderjean January 02, 2010
Preemptive canceling of school and businesses in lieu of snow storm or ice storm. Also the swatch of people who must buy milk, bread and eggs before such a storm.
The blizzard was supposed to hit until 2:30 pm, but the superintendent thought better of it just canceled school for the whole day. He was experiencing storm panic.
by manderjean March 03, 2014
The type of person who continually talks about the amount of snow your area is expected to get, often complaining or acting fearful several days before it will happen. Will refer to anything more than 2 inches as a "Snowpocalyspe" or "Snowmaggedon".
Victor: "Did you hear Amy carry on about how its supposed to snow all weekend?"
Lisa: "Yeah, she is a real Snowstradamus. Its really getting old."
by manderjean March 03, 2014
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