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taphophile -

One who loves cemeteries and funerals. This is not necrophilia, necrophilia is the proper name for the condition exhibited by Harold in "Harold and Maude". Taphophiles show an interest in the trappings of death: necrophiles want your body, cold.

It is not necrophilia.
person 1 : "dude, dead people are great for sex! im such a taphophile!"

person 2 : "hey, moron, taphophiles love cemeteries and funerals. your a freaking necrophile, like harold in "harold & maude". you just want sex from people that dont know you really smell like ass. get a life douchebag."

person 1 : *sobbing* "but i love dead stuff!!!!"

person 2 : "go throw yourself in a wood chipper"
by mandabacon January 18, 2008

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