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A private school in The Woodlands, TX. Students are given outrageous amounts of homework, expected to follow an unattractive dress code, and also to follow several inconvenient and sometimes unnecessary rules.Tuition is very high, and scholarships are difficult as well as general admission tests (although several students clearly bribed their way to admission). A large percentage of students have been brainwashed into believing going to the same school with the same 50-100 classmates per grade for up to 14 years and having no life outside of school is really, really fun.
Student A: I love going to The John Cooper School!

Student B: Yeah, me too! I just love having my computer monitored and getting Saturday detentions for not tucking my shirt in. I also love it when my backpack falls on the floor and I have to go to detention again because the hallway isn't clear.
by manateeshoppingspree December 13, 2011

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