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what you call it when you sculpt your poop into little people. the plural of "pooson"
i yanked my massive log out of the toilet and made a village of poople
by mama March 23, 2004
a slovenian word for shit
To je drek. This is shit.
by mama November 11, 2003
when you make a little model person out of your poop
you can't make a pooson out of diarrhea
by mama March 23, 2004
bad vaginal odor; unwashed crotch
Take a bath and change your underwear, you smell like fish pants.
by Mama June 19, 2006
what shampoo becomes after you urinate in someone else's bottle. make sure not to tell them.
i sneaked into my neighbor's house and made some shampee.
by mama March 23, 2004
the act of decorating one's office to make it more like home since people spend more time at the office than with their families.
Great homification Jason! That plant really adds a special touch.
by Mama March 25, 2005
a group of fabulous women who get together over themed-potluck dinners and complete fun activities.
The dinner club was great last night. Thanks Crystal!
by Mama March 24, 2005

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