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A term used for amphetamines during the seventies... This term was mainly used by truckers, who used "whites" to stay awake for long trips....
And if you give me...
Weed, whites and wine.
And you show me a sign.
I'll be willin', to be movin'
From the song Willin' by Lowell George/Little Feat, 1970
by malecat February 04, 2008
Cocaine..... A term used mainly by punks in the late seventies through early eighties for cocaine...
Hey man,,,, You got some brain draino????
by malecat November 24, 2007
Scunion was a term used by african americans meaning weed, pot, marijuana, etc... It was used around the mid to late eighties... That's what some called it when I was going to high school...
Hey man,,, You got some scunion???
by malecat February 04, 2008

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