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A place "right outside of Boston". AKA the dirty den, which gets its name from the people residing there - Filled with mostly stoners, wanna be hipsters, wanna be jocks, wangsters (that get suspended from MHS for drugs, violence, ect.), your typical basic bitch(wearing the basic bitch uniform = uggs jeans north face jacket and bone straight hair). Populated with every race on the planet and the typical working class family. There is nothing exciting to do in Malden, so don't go there if you are looking for a good time, but being right outside the city you have plenty of options.
wangster: The " maple wood gang "

Wangster 1: Kehd lets go get shit faced in front of malden high
Wangster 2: yeah doood I already got expelled, I'm D
by maldentrash October 12, 2011
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