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A word, which can be a noun or a verb, to mean change, or improvement. To make something better. Or to be a change, or an improvement.

verb: to fix, to change, to improve
noun: change, fix, improvement
to fix: The plumber tried to obama the toilet.
to change: When passing another car, you should use your blinker before you obama lanes.
to improve: If you have poor vision, wearing glasses will obama your eyesight.

fix: A drug addict can't wait until his/her next obama.
change: Do you have obama for this $100 bill?
improvement: What was that sitcom in the '90s with Tim Allen? He played the host of a show called Tool Time with Al, who always said, "I don't think so Tim." Oh yeah, was it called Home Obama?
by makinish January 25, 2009
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