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Daniel Horne has often been refered to throughout the ages as a mystical being of ultimate power, intelligence and compassion. Most predominantly seen in the Shogun Era of Japanese culture, he is depicted as being half dragon, half tiger, half moon, half sun, half god, half ninga, half man simultaneously. Scholars believe that Daniel Horne is a recurring reincarnation of some otherworldly being. His purpose in mortal life at this stage is unknown however, there are some who claim great fortune from meeting Daniel. These people have sinced been taken into mental institutions due to chronic withdrawal symptons. Pyschologists believe these people are addicted to an uknown chemical, which has recently been added to the periodic Table of elements as 217 DH or commonly Hornium.
Guy 1: That's so fucking cool, like Daniel Horne cool.

Guy 2: If my joke was that cool, my life is complete. I'm going to go kill myself to end my life on the highest possible note.

Guy 1: I would do the same.
by mailliw April 28, 2013
An incredibly hot bodied female aged(legally!) between 18 and 40 or so- whatever age their figure begins to show signs of 'wear and tear' from the years- that often appears on sexual fetish internet sites dresses in full body latex, often with even her face covered.
(click) whats this?
damn, that is one hot rubbergirl
by Mailliw May 20, 2007
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