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1. The town in which the Endicott-Johnson (EJ) Shoe Company was founded, IBM, and the athletic store Dicks. The area around it is known for its Annual Spiedie Fest and being the Carousel Capital of America, full of old, rusted carousels that little kids can ride free of charge. Twilight Zone's Rod Serling also grew up here and has based a few episodes on his hometown (for some reason). Altogether, Endicott is another average small town in New York's Southern Tier.

2. A town three hours from NYC that you really don't want to live in. Aside from the boring, filthy streets it also has a crappy school system that happens to be built on a dump.
If you've never heard of spiedies, come to the wonderful Endicott and try some because we're really sick of eating them each time someone out-of-town comes to visit.
by mahhometownpride December 28, 2010
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