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A sexual act involving a yard gnome used as both a vaginal and anal dildo. Usually used while a girl is on her period, but to give a true dirty yard gnome the woman has to also have a case of diarrhea.
Guy 1: Man, my girlfriend is into some freaky things.

Guy 2: That's not a bad thing right?

Guy1: Normally no, but this chick asked for a Dirty Yard Gnome.
by madworldradio July 12, 2009
An extremely large redneck/white trash person.

Fat or rotund uneducated individual.
Woman: Did you see that chick in the mu-mu on Peopleofwalmart?

Guy: Yeah, she was a real Hickapotomaus.

Woman: For sure.
by madworldradio October 05, 2009
The exact opposite of Crescendo of Suck. When WIN just doesn't express the awesomeness of something.
Meeting a girl in a club who not only buys her own drinks, but is willing to go home with you.

Finding a 50 tucked in your couch cushions when you are down to your last 75 cents.

Finding out you are NOT the father.

All those and more fit SYMPHONY OF WIN
by madworldradio October 13, 2009
When you go above and beyond a normal FAIL.
To truly experience a crescendo of suck you must fail so badly that you will hear a large swelling of noise, usually the sound of people gasping or laughing.
Sports fan: Man if this team doesn't start pulling it together I am gonna give up on them

Sports fan 2: I know man, I can already hear the crescendo of suck.
by madworldradio October 13, 2009

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