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an excessive amount of trash accumulated in one's motor vehicle.
"uh, you might want to get rid of all this carbage before you pick up your date tonight."
by madison7 August 11, 2006
the on-foot version of road rage; intense anger felt towards others who are either oblivious or just plain rude to their fellow sidewalkers.
I can't even walk down Michigan Ave. anymore without getting sidewalk rage thanks to all the tourists stopping every ten seconds to take photos and look at their maps. Uh, hello?! There ARE other people around you trying to get somewhere!
(clinches fists and curses under breath)
by madison7 May 17, 2007
the feeling expressed when coming upon a broken escalator, which renders it a set of stairs.
the escalator is still broken? that is so escalame. let's find the elevator.
by madison7 October 24, 2005
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