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Two words: Hella rad.
Stupid Urban dictionary made me write something here... grrrrrrr
by maddy November 02, 2004
A waddup gangsta is a term used to describe a certain type of gangsta. This particular type of gangsta is the kind seen with baggy clothes, bopping his head to cRAP music, and who is quite obviously caucasian.
Example #1-Renée says:"Check it out, i got some waddup gangstas living across the street."
Maddy says:"Waddup gangsta!!!!"

Example #2-Maddy says:"Check out that waddup gangsta being arrested by the Po."
Renée says:"Waddup gangsta!!!!"
by Maddy April 15, 2004
Someone who screws a dead body on fire.
"I just set a dead body on fire and now I'm f*cking it!"
by Maddy November 17, 2003
Is what your doing right now. Don't ignore it. Live it. Don't get left behind and don't leave others behind take them for a ride.
I can't go on.
There's always tomorrow
by Maddy March 29, 2005
A hot girl. The most beautifulest of the beautiful. A complete turn on to all of the opposite and same sex. Comes from the word MAGNIFICENT.
MOLLY EMIG makes all the boys go crazy.
by Maddy December 14, 2004
Yllek is so cool. With her fleece hat and extra large gumboots with alchol in them <3
<3 Excel to the max
by Maddy February 03, 2004
someone who drives rangrovers and fucks them with strap-ons like in nichs msn picture
by maddy August 24, 2003

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