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2 definitions by mad_muffinz

the old saying: speedycat sure is speeeedy!

he was found in the chat room known as Speedychat. someone made and type-o and a guy got the song: speedy cat by Y&Co.
then he put the song on a flash. along with it has speedycat fyling in the air to the music. when you click on the moon he goes way way fast, along with the msic speeding up as well.

then that's when one of the 4chan cats came alive: speedycat! (speedycat sure is speedy)
speedycat, a cat that is fast, yellow, and can fly
by mad_muffinz November 25, 2006
A secret word for anal seepage.
*anal seepage* Oops, I think pooper noodle!
by mad_muffinz November 27, 2006