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3 definitions by macustud

(like the Luxor hotel) the orgins of all things lame, or where you go when you've gotten a bum deal.
"man, last night my g/f broke up with me- checked me into the Lamzor hotel"
by macustud November 26, 2003
(a slangized term from my man Iver, though he didn't think to put it in here) Use in place of the words cool, sweet, awesome, etc. Note: it has nothing to do with the subject being actually technical, or anything to do with technical things possibly being cool. The word is THAT slangized.
Dude, that car's ghost flame paintjob is technical.
by macustud January 14, 2004
The only city that's a suburb of P-town (portland, OR), but in washington. couve killa's are from The Couve, and anyone who's anyone refers to Vancouver as "The/Da Couve." When asked in a game of "outburst" for nicknames of cities, what was said first? oh yeah, "The Couve," cuz that's how we rock it.
The Couve would seem technical if it wasn't P-town's baby.
by macustud January 14, 2004