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a man that contains an anaconda like penis in his pants. he is fucking awsome in everything he does and if he fucks your mom it's like a blessing from god. most women love his extremely large penis and are rumored to have up to 23 girls sucking his enormous dick. he fucking owns everyone but is still a nice guy. no one has ever dared to stand up to him because he is a fucking PIMP!!! if you do you will most likely end up dead after his mighty PIMP hand. all hail Adrian the fucking G riding gangster Jewish hating PIMP. NO fat chicks
Christian- man I wish I was an Adrian!

Raul- I know what you mean, I'll never get the mad ass bitches he gets

Christian- oh well we'll just have to settle with our 2 1/2 inch chodes
by macktastic unicorn October 05, 2009
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