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someone so hot u get a boner from her
damn that kaci girl is bonerlicious
by mach 3 June 19, 2003
sexy or bonerlicious. look up bonerlicious
damn kaci is suavay
by mach 3 June 19, 2003
ploppin the big dungarrosky
u usually do this wen having anal sex and it usually comes out with a messy result
last night i ploppstuffalotstuffed all over my bed
by mach 3 June 20, 2003
sexy suavay or bonerlicious. look em up. ull b happy
damn kaci is burninatin
by mach 3 June 19, 2003
were u go wen ur about to eat a girl out. usually licked never swalowed
i went down under last night
by mach 3 June 20, 2003
When you are so fat that you get permanent swamp ass. Other symptoms include penis zits, green piss, and homosexual desires for men in tight pants.
Dude, I think you gave me another Sticky Ricky, maybe we should get a physical.
by Mach 3 August 26, 2005

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