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Human ape hybrid of the genus Homo sapien genitalius minutae nonerectus with the unique and inexplicable ability to attract females against all social and genetic odds. A recent study by anthropologists at the Univerity of Cambridge have theorised that this ability comes from a unique ratio of 80%laid-back:20%serious, however lack of similarly laid-back test subjects makes this hypothesis specious. Social interaction limited to those in adjacent year groups, though never his own, and exclusively female. One-time member of two of the three core male-female friendships in Corpus. A compsci, though not your average compsci. Can on occasion mimic other species by not kissing like a compsci. Master of camoflage, the chettz often if at all, passes conspicuously unnoticed as a gangster rapper by the name of Fiddy Chettz aka Chettzy Cent. When camoflaged in such a way, he can sometimes be located by the distinctive cry of "WOT!" in response to his name. Cock.
Her skirt was so short it makes Chettz's dick look big. Actually...
by maaaate November 04, 2004
Contraction of Computer Science, refers to both the subject itself and a student of the discipline; the latter being the more popular usage. Synonymous with geek. Also loser. Features include wearing glasses, bad posture, extreme endo- and ectomorphism and hairy palms from too much flogging on
Chettz isn't your average compsci. He doesn't kiss like a compsci.
by maaaate November 04, 2004
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