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The pacific-islander word for "pussy."
All guys want to do now is chase punani.
by Meeee April 24, 2003
To beat with a club or other blunt object
She wouldn't suck my dick so i bludgeoned her wiht my cock.
by MEEEE July 28, 2003
Very sexy chick that used to be on Law and Order Special Victims Unit.
Yeah. She's one sexy beast.
by meeee February 16, 2005
Cannot tolerate. It's a word used by singaporeans.
- You are such a pain in the ass. I can't tahan you!
- I can't tahan this pain anymore.
by meeee March 17, 2005
a bird with only one foot
jeez with those crutches she looks like a delta pelican
by meeee November 11, 2002
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