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1 definition by m7

RFID(Remote Frequency Identification) is here. Approved for human use by the FDA in 2004, it's now a popular way for authorities (big brother government) to monitor its citizens.

Some religious beliefs relate this form of RFID usage to the 'mark of the beast' - as mentioned in the bible's book of revelations.

Likewise, many non-religious concerned citizens protest and detest the use of RFID on human beings.

However, marketing techniques overpower word of mouth, and therefore many people see this extent of governmental control as harmful and painless.

Having a chip on your shoulder/arm implies you are being controlled/monitored/hunted by the powers that be.

Do they really need to know where you and I eat/sleep/fornicate/poop?
I aint getting no chip on my shoulder!

Don't let them put a chip in your shoulder either!
by m7 October 16, 2007