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Awsome idea that is slowly being overwhelmed by morons who insist on making up complete bullshit words about sex, their boy/girl friend, and every low IQ insight that pops into their minds. Hopefully the book version will weed out all the bullshit.
Dan: Hey I just took a big fucking dump!!
John: Really. Hmmmm. Hey that could be a word!
Dan: Huh?
John: How about.....you just took a Bif-dump!
Dan: Dude, submit it to a slang dictionary like www.Urbandictionary.com
John: Yeah. Ok. I'll do it.
by m1z_w1z_11 September 03, 2005
Someone to be pitied. A lost soul perpetually waiting for the arrival of a once in a millenium alignment of good management, coaching, and injury/error free players. A person duped by a wonderful ballpark and team owners into accepting consecutive seasons of failure. A drain on Chicagos economy because they waste so much time, energy, and money going to day games.
Boss: Where's Mark?
Bob: He went to the Cubs game last night.
Boss: He's a Cubs Fan? Oh, well I guess I'll be getting nothing out him during baseball season.
Bob: I'm going to a WhiteSox game this weekend.
Boss: That's great. Take Friday off if you want since your ahead on your work anyway.
by m1z_w1z_11 August 29, 2005
A woman with serious man issues. Vents her sexual frustration and anger at every male in the workplace. Perpetually unhappy because someone told her she had a vagina and therefore could never be exactly like a man. Does everything to bring men down. Prefers to live with cats.
Stan: Hey Karyn how is your work coming along?
Karyn: Why the hell do you want to know?
Stan: Well, I'm your boss and I'm just making friendly conversation.
Karyn: Do you think I can't do my job because I'm a woman, is that it!!
Stan: No, I...
Karyn: You worthless male pig. You bastard, you..
Stan: Stop being a ball breaker, I'm just...
Karyn: What was that!!? You think your better than me because you have testicles?
Stan: I'm going to get some coffee, would you like a cup?
Karyn: Eat S**T and die sexist pig!!
by m1z_w1z_11 August 28, 2005
An adaptation of John Bradshaws theory of 'Inner Child'. Basically it means everyone has an Inner Thug that wants to get out. It sometimes expresses itself through a fascination with Hip Hop and Grand Theft Auto. Simply another term to describe the uncivilized part of our natures and the desire to be lawless.
John: I'm going to cap his ass!
Dave: Your white, your not going to do anything.
John: Your right. That was my inner thug talking.
Dave: Let's go play GTA.
John: Cool.
by m1z_w1z_11 September 01, 2005
A highly overated piece of paper recieved by a student who completes four years or more of college with at least a C average in a specified field of study. Anybody with a pulse and a valid social security number can get one.
Mike: Hey I graduated, give me my College Duh-gree!
Dean: Here you go sucker, I mean future donating alumni.
Mike: Thanks, I feel superior already.
Dean: A Superior idiot maybe...I mean,uh,superior individual.
by m1z_w1z_11 September 01, 2005
A person who is typically white or suburban, who tries to be street/black/mexican by listening to hip/hop, getting a tattoo, acting tough, and avoiding responsibility well into their 30's. They spend their lives acting 'bad' and trying to scare regular citizens but never really cross the line into serving longterm prison terms which is what 'bad' people end up doing. Confirms the idea that how 'bad'someone is depends on who you compare them to, most people have a line they won't cross.
Dave: Stalin was a real Thug.
John: So was Saddam Hussein.
Dave: Jesse James is a Thug Wanabe.
John: Eminem is the biggest Thug Wanabe.
by m1z_w1z_11 September 01, 2005
The feeling one gets after all the parental hype of your life gets swept away by reality. Usually after hichschool when you are no longer the most popular and the only college to accept you is Lost Dog Community College or Drunken State Univ. Also experienced after college when you realize- you are not going to be drafted by a pro sports team, no one cares where you graduated from, and your loans total 85K and your job pays 26K a year.
Mark: What's up. Haven't seen you since highschool. Did you finish Harvard?
John: I never got accepted. I'm going to DSU.
Mark: Oh. Still shooting for the NFL?
John: I got a busted knee. I'm majoring in business now.
Mark: Wow, sounds tough. Your parents are still proud though. You won state in highschool and that'll last forever.
John: I'm gonna go, I don't feel so hot.
Mark: It's ok your experiencing deflation.
by m1z_w1z_11 August 27, 2005
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