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4 definitions by m0loch

one who wears copious amounts of clothing with various corporate or sports logos i.e. Nike visor, Raiders shirt, adidas pants.
by m0loch September 25, 2003
6 0
the campaign of fear by the media, the oil barrons and the U.S. government intended to keep you enslaved by your possesions.
The coverage of the Operation Iraqi Freedom was nothing more than a 24 hour weapon of mass marketing designed to keep the viewer tuned in and subjected to advertising.
by m0loch September 25, 2003
5 2
Garbage juice. The stuff that seeps from the bottom/back of a garbage truck.
by m0loch September 25, 2003
4 4
something you may get a taste of while giving a rim job

undigested vegetables etc. that one ends up eating while giving a rim job
I was givin' this bitch a rim job and got a mouthful of garden salad
by m0loch October 01, 2003
6 9