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An Igbo word for a tough man.
Abbreviated to akata for women.

See akata.
In igbo:
Ne kwe akataka, onye anyi ji eje mba = See this strong man, the one we're proud of.
by m006 March 26, 2010
Akata is an abbreviated Igbo word, akataka, which means: a tough man like Okonkwo in Chinue Achebe's "Things Fall Apart".
With the emergence of westernization and woman's empowerment, the abbreviated form “akata” was used to describe a tough Igbo wife/woman that can drive away all her husband’s relatives and isolate him from his family so as to gain access to all his wealth when he passed away without given his relatives any chance to claim some part of his properties as is the custom of Igbo people.

When Igbos (in Nigeria) started migrating to America, they found African American ladies tough to control and wayward unlike the laid-back attitude the Igbos are accustomed to. They christened them akata, but now it is equal used for both male and female African Americans.

n. (1) an African American (especially a wayward one).

(2) a tough Igbo woman.
In Igbo:
O na anu onye akata = He is marrying an akata (a tough woman).

Ndi akata juru na party ahu = The party is filled with akatas.

In America:
Well, I'm new here, you can ask this akata (African American, not black immigrants from Africa)

Don't marry (an) akata, she will soon divorce you
by m006 March 26, 2010

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