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(n): Another term for blunt or L.

Originates from the term baked zitied
Kid 1: "Oh damn, lemme hop in on this bomb cyphe!"
Kid 2: "No doubt son, take a seat. feel the heat!"
Kid 3: "Yo that's 2 hits! Pass the ziti!"
by m.Cdowd July 13, 2009
(v): the state of being absolutely fried when smoking a fat blunt.

synonyms: high, bombed, zooted, spliffed, blasted, toasted, baked
Stoner 1: "Yo! Pass the nugget!"
Stoner 2: "Hell yeah, I'm feeling roasted off of this L."
Stoner 1: *inhales* "Whew, I'm baked zitied kid!"
Stoner 2: "Hahaha, yes!"
by m.Cdowd July 13, 2009
(n.) - A set alarm used solely to harvest your crops in Farmville to prevent them from withering. This includes setting it very early in the morning, or during the day to tell when your crops are ready.
*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*
Farmer 1: "...What the hell, it's 4:30 in the morning.."

Farmer 1: "Oh shit, that's the farm alarm! My artichokes are finally harvested!"
by m.Cdowd September 16, 2009
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