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A kick-ass darkwave/goth band based out of Baltimore. Consists of Steve Archer and Donna Lynch. They have also written a children's book.
m: I've had 'Seventy-Nine' by Ego Likeness stuck in my head all day!

k: oh, yes - I love that song, though I was slightly creeped out when I realized the narrator was a ghost.
#baltimore #darkwave #goth #el #club orpheus
by m. saynette December 08, 2008
A witty webcomic written and drawn by the wonderful Lady Attercop. It follows the lives of four alternative young adults, and is generally enjoyed by all.
m: Fridays are good days, as that is when the weekend starts and Strange Fiction updates.
#webcomic #goth #amusing #lady #attercop
by m. saynette September 04, 2008
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