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A phrase which can be used at the end of any political statement which seems to borrow from postmodernism, but is still coherent and anchored at least partly in reality. Postmodernists often sound theoretically vague or obfuscating, which is anathema to many on the political Left. Other leftists, however, embrace some selection of postmodernist theory, but may not want to be associated with all that is labeled postmodern. And so "no pomo" is used to allow for such statements by preempting dogmatic leftist tirades and flame wars.

"No pomo" is a reference to the phrase "no homo," used by masculine straight men to allow them to compliment their comrades by preempting the accusation of being "gay."
"While the class struggle is clearly a critical component to any meaningful revolutionary politic, one cannot ignore the intersections of race, class, gender, sexuality and ability, as well as the nuanced and problematic issues of essentialism and identity in general ... no pomo."
by m(A)tt January 07, 2010
Someone who condones, tolerates or encourages douche behavior. Said douche may have other good qualities that cause their enablers to overlook their douchebaggery.

However, this can sometimes lead to the enablers being seen as douches-by-association, and in extreme cases, a douche involved in positive activity can cause such efforts and projects to be seen in a negative, douchey light.
Douche enabler: "Why don't you take it easy on Duke? He's a big sweet Teddy bear!"

Me: "Why do you even wanna be associated with an abusive douchebag? He oughta be ostracized, at least then he wouldn't send new people we meet running for the fucking hills."
by m(A)tt March 04, 2010
Someone who has a thing for douchebags.
"Wow, your friend seems to date one douche after another."

"I know, s/he's a total douchephile."
by m(A)tt March 16, 2010

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