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A teeny bopper is a stupid little person who like what MTV air because the are manipulative. they only like whats "in" for 1-2 weeks at most, wear pink, and "claim" to be emo/goth/prep/jock whatever.
they also watch disney channel and memorized the HSM songs/mily cirse/sweet life...
teeny bopper: OmG1!1!1!elevendyone!! McR** RUleS My Emo SOX!!! gErAlD** i$ @ SmExY BitCh!!1!
me: Wheres my gun?
bopper: ScReW MCr** HIGH SKOOL muSiCal!! OMGZZZ!!Q!1!5!
me: Ah, here it it! !!BANG BANG!!

**-substite for whatever is in, ((ex: AFI, FOB, P!@tD, Zac Effron ect.))
by m@ndA October 13, 2006

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