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Joey- an amazing guy with great eyes, he's very charming and all the girls chase after him. he's loyal and loving. Joey is an amazing kisser and knows the right things to say at the right moment. He has a great body, and is extremely funny. He is full of suprises, and hates the word band-aid because he thinks its bandage. joey has an amazing immitaion austrailian accent and always makes me laugh. **GIRLS** if a Joey ever gets mad, dont let him walk away, always chase after him and make everything alright. trust me you dont want to lose him. he'll be the best thing you'll ever find....
joey- hey you :)
maddie- hey :)
joey- i have a suprise for you....
maddie- whatt??
joey- will you go out with me?
maddie- yes!
by m&ms are good August 19, 2011

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