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Similar to circular logic; When people stroke themselves by stroking others. Very common in the corporate setting.
Board member: Mr. Peterson is doing a stellar job running this company. I'm so glad I cast the deciding vote to hire him.

Employee under breath: Running this company into the ground. Classic circular jerk, dude.
by m&jsandwich August 19, 2011
Also known as the Shakeweight, which helps one build muscles by shaking the dumbell-shaped device. Masturbweight helps one develop the muscles needed for masturbation of one's self or another.
Dude, I just bought the Masturbweight, so in just six minutes a day, I'll be increasing my ability for self-pleasure ten-fold.
by M&Jsandwich March 03, 2011
The closing line as stated by The Most Interesting Man In The World. He is the man that every other man wants to be, mostly because both sides of his pillow are cool.

Used as the final statement by the winner when two guys are trying to out-do each other.
First guy: "Dude, I made out with that hot chick."
Second guy: "Well, I got to third base with that cheerleader."
First guy: "A beauty queen gave me a hand job."
Second guy: "I banged a super model."
First guy: Stunned silence
Second guy: "Stay thirsty, my friend."
by m&jsandwich November 28, 2011

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