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AFQ is an abbreviation that stands for "Any Fucking Questions?" It is often used at the end of an email or text message communication.
We're getting wasted tonight at Kimly's birthday party in Chinatown AFQ?
by lyricalenthusiast June 11, 2014
Someone who convinces others to engage in nefarious, prolonged substance abuse against their will. An enabler or bad influence. A leader of Pit Dwellers. A loud, flamboyant party-goer of questionable sexuality.
Sam: 'I can't do this anymore, stop being a Headmistress of The Pit'
Jamie: 'You will Pit Sam, don't make me drag you into the Pit!'
by lyricalenthusiast June 12, 2014
A rallying cry used before prolonged substance abuse.
'It's the weekend!' Jean exclaimed, 'Let's Fucking Go!" he howled before engaging in prolonged, egregious substance abuse.
by lyricalenthusiast June 11, 2014
Someone who engages in heinous, prolonged substance abuse and pays the price in hangover hell.
Sam: 'I.. I... I can't feel my face...'
Whelan: 'How did Jamie manage to keep us awake all night?'
Sam: 'Because we're pit dwellers Whelan, and Jamie is the Headmistress'
by lyricalenthusiast June 11, 2014
A direct command similar to 'be quiet' or 'go away.' Often used as an angrier, more forceful command to stop making noise or otherwise communicating. A written or verbal response to annoying, senseless questions or statements.
Sam: Do you guys want to hang at a baseball game?
Whelan: Fuck you Skelly!
by lyricalenthusiast June 13, 2014
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