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As well as liking their house to be permanently clean, a neat freak likes to have every element of their life tidy and in order. Unlike people with OCD neat freaks do not repetitively and obsessively clean things but they also can get upset when something is out of order because order equals control, hence security.
Jill is such a neat freak! She cleans her house thoroughly every day and also irons all her kids' clothes. They always look clean and tidy.
by lyndal June 01, 2007
Australian Aboriginal pronunciation of "brother", which they copied from Afro-Americans.
"Hey brudda, see you taking the kids for a walk today."
by lyndal June 01, 2007
The submissive partner in a BDSM relationship. Often refers to a slave or sub who can't get enough of bondage; a masochist who gets off on being bound and (sometimes) gagged.
"She's a real bondage baby. She just loves it when her Master ties her up and flogs her. You should hear her moan!"
by lyndal May 31, 2007
Similar to Urban Dic-Junky but even more of an idiot. An Urban Dic-Head submits more nonsensical, stupid, made-up words than an Urban Dic-Junky but their specialty seems to be friends' names, or abbreviations thereof.

As if anybody else is interested!
An example of an Urban Dic-Head is the person who might submit the letter "A" and define it as "The first letter in my best friend's name."
by lyndal June 01, 2007
Same meaning as choke a darkie, ie to crap/shit/defecate. The word "darkie" relates to the usual colour of poop.
I was just about to leave the house when i had a sudden urge to strangle a darkie, so i had to use the bathroom before i went out.
by lyndal June 01, 2007
Breasts, boobies, tits. In other words, the flesh that goes inside a bra.
He loved to take off her clothes and lick her bra meat.
by lyndal June 01, 2007
A beautiful woman from the Middle East or North Africa. Popularised by the Sting song of the same name.
"Look at that Algerian girl. She's truly a desert rose!"
by lyndal May 31, 2007
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