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Scene kids are a cheaper version of 'emo'.
They compete over who has the tightest jeans.
Both sexes wear neon coloured eyeshadows and big eyeliner.
Scene girls love polka dots, stripes, and checks.
They wear plastic headbands and bows in their hair.
Scene Hair is cut in short, like a mullet, short at the back and long at the front, choppy style with bangs straight across their eyes, or sometimes they just have a side parting with a fringe covering one eye.
They dye their hair obscene colours.
Hair is mostly black. Dark brown is accepted. And platinum blonde.
Random parts of hair are bleached red, pink, blonde, etc.
They wear loads of fake pearls and beads.
Scene guys wear tight ass band t-shirts, mostly of bands no one has heard of, because it makes them look 'original' and 'more scene' then their friends.
Their jeans, named 'skinny jeans', 'tights', 'girl pants', or 'drainpipes', are tighter then the scene girls.
They claim to be 'bisexual', when most of them are lying, because scene girls think it's 'hawt' that they make out with guys.
Stripey fingerless gloves are also in.
They wear bandanas around their neck, in a back pocket, in hair, or covering their lower face.
Every scene kid MUST own a pair of Converse or Vans slip ons because they're 'oldschool'.
Scene kids listen to techno remixes and theme tunes like Pokemon and Powerangers.
Scenekids must have a myspace. They have backgrounds of robots, pirates, dinosaurs, stars, and hearts, because it makes them 'cool'.
They take 1,000 + pictures of themselves. They photoshop their pictures to make them black and white and then they add a caption, and lyrics.
They love internet hearts, '<3'.
They use words/sayings such as: OMFG, rad, sweet, smex, teh sex, dollface, luff, heart.
Made up words are good: 'hella tight', 'prittyhead', 'bootyfull', 'mazing'.
They say: 'OMFGz I'm Lyk Soooo Ugli'. Then they post a bulletin on myspace telling everyone to 'comment their new pictures kthanxbye'. Pictures are of themselves (of course) taken from above, at an angle, or in some form of mirror.
They're often making the 'peace' sign in their pictures, sometimes the 'rock sign', sometimes mouth open in a 'rawr' guesture, mouth twisted to the side, eyes looking to the side as if shocked, hand covering mouth, sometimes they're swearing, because it makes them hardXcore.
They also write 'signs' and take pictures of themselves holding the signs, which will say things like:
'Joey is teh sex! ILYx<3'
They add bands they've never heard of on myspace 'LYK OMFGZZZZZZ YOU GUYS RAWK MY SOCKS I LYK LUFF YOU KTHANXBYE'.
They love to talk 'gangstur'.
'Waddup nigger, omfg, yoo gehy'. After saying this, they claim not to be racist or a homophobe.
Most scene kids claim to be in a band. Some of them are the lead singers/screamers of their band. Bands have ridiculous names such as: 'My Everydying Razorblade Lust'. You get the picture. Long, stupid, pointless names.
Scene kids get offended when they're called 'emo' or 'goth' and they claim: 'Don't label me, I'm not emo or scene k? I'm just me'.
Whatever, you bunch of cuntfucks.
I get labelled as emo and scene all the time, and it pisses me off.
2 scene kids conversation over msn:

(girl)xXx<3IHateLife<3xXx: Lyk woah waddup nigger
(guy)xxx STRAIGHTEDGENowLetsCutOurselvesK?_<3x: Hey cutehead
(girl)xXx<3IHateLife<3xXx: OMFGzzz I'm lyk so hyped bout the Dashboard Confessional gig tonight it's lyk totalli gonna rock
(guy)xxx STRAIGHTEDGENowLetsCutOurselvesK?_<3x: Rad, what are your favourite DC songzs?
(girl)xXx<3IHateLife<3xXx: I've only heard 1.
(guy)xxx STRAIGHTEDGENowLetsCutOurselvesK?_<3x: Kl me 2 i'm so hardXcore lyk that woaaaah

Or another

(guy) CandyXcore xxx: omg i'm lyk so gunna kill myself right now
(guy) I'mxsoxhardcorexRAWR: omg dude why?
(guy) CandyXcore xxx: today this gurl called me an emo fag because she saw the pictures i posted on myspace of me making out with dave
(guy) I'mxsoxhardcorexRAWR: omg, but i made out with dave too and she didn't say anything
(guy) CandyXcore xxx:That's coz i'm more scene then yoo.
(guy) I'mxsoxhardcorexRAWR: wtf i started slitting my wrists way before yoo
(guy) CandyXcore xxx: Yeah but I was straightXedge before you, man
(guy) I'mxsoxhardcorexRAWR: OMFG i'm gunna kill myself too
(guy) CandyXcore xxx: i'm gonna go slit my wrists now, because it will make me look lyk all emotional and then some hawt scene girl might feel sorry for me and make out with me
(guy) I'mxsoxhardcorexRAWR: kthnxbyexxx<333
by lykwoah June 12, 2006

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