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- A short way of spelling the name Alexis
- A girls name
Hey look, thats LxS!
by LxS October 30, 2003
like nemesis, but from the wrong side of the tracks;
the DARK side, if you will. there is something more sinister about it, with that silent "g" lurking at the beginning of the word. a nemesis with an ulterior motive. can often be used in place of 'nemesis'.
organic chem is my gnemesis.

he is my gnemesis of hilarity; you said he can be funnier than me, and i don't like it - funny is all i have.

my arch gnemesis, dr. gnat and his gnome henchmen are planning an attack at gnoon today.
by lxs February 13, 2006
amazing guy who tries not to be mean but nice,fun and just caring. try's to be respectful to his friends....has amazingly light grey blue eyes...blond hair with a light hint of brown. If you ever come across someone like him be grateful and never let him out of your arms.
Girl 1: OH is that Robert ?

Girl 2: yeah why?

Girl 1: dont you like him? Talk to him I heard he has amazing light grey blue eyes

Girl 2: ok I will I mean he is nice and caring
by Lxs December 26, 2013

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