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One of the many lotus sex position. The man sits directly on top of the womans feet, and bends both of his knees completely forward and the woman sit on him penis. This position is not that difficult for both man and woman, and overall is very pleasurable on both parts. However, it is more pleasurable for the woman.
"I love you so much, lets do the western lotus again."
by luv-u-2-luv-me May 02, 2009
To have a Peanut Buter Jelly Time is to share a tasteful and wonderful experience with your lover. To have a Peanut Butter Jelly Time, do the folling; 1) Pick weather you want to by peanut butter or jelly. 2) Take the item that you chose to be, and spread it on your whole body, and have your lover do the same with their item (or spread them on each other). Very sexy! 3) Have sex in a position that involves you to face your lover(example: 69). This will give the effect of it to look like a peanut butter sandwich. 4) Have fun! Lick off yourself or your lover, if desired. It can be very sticky, so enjoy!
"Oh ya, baby, I love what you are doing, but can we please have a Peanut Butter jelly Time?"

"Last night I was with my man, and we had an exultant Peanut Butter Jelly Time! And, this time, I was the peanut butter! Yum."
by luv-u-2-luv-me May 13, 2009
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