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"drecksfotze" german expression which literaly means dirty cunt. it is used to describe a person in a offensive way and expresses intense dislike or even pure hate. Usualy acompanied with other words like : verfickte, dumme, behinderte, scheiss, kack, ect. to emphesise the intensity of the insult.
german: meine mutter ist eine verfickte drecksfotze

eng: my mom is a fucking dirty cunt.

eng:ehy, you stupid dirty cunt, you stole my beer.

german: ehy, du dumme drecksfotze hast mir mein bier geklaut
by lurkmaster September 01, 2008
german word for: wet or humid
german:oha meine fotze ist so feucht.

english: oha my pussy is so wet.

by lurkmaster September 01, 2008

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