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Male genitals.

The tackle is a fishing reference.

Especially seems to be used when the male genitals are in danger. (Similar to how the english refer to their "Crown Jewels")
I came around the side of the house and there was a pitbull headed straight for my wedding tackle!
by lukeod May 20, 2005
Especially used when there seems to be a quick change made from casual to ostentatious.
Well, we could have been well fed at Sizzler and drinking cold beer at the pub across the road, if you hadn't become so la-di-frickin-da all of a sudden.
by lukeod May 20, 2005
The Australian slang version of the English "wanker".

Slight difference in that wackers tend to be more boisterous than wankers. Wankers kind of like to do things sneakily, and probably harbour a fear that people are calling them wankers behind their backs.
Wackers, on the other hand, are oblivious to what people say about them and seem to even believe their own bullsh!t.

There are more Australian wackers than wankers, but believe me - we do have both kinds.
Did you hear Bush talking to those sailors on that battleship? Honestly, the wacker thought they were laughing WITH him.
by lukeod May 20, 2005
A (proverbial) place where people say they are going to do things but back out at the last minute.
Boofhead said he was gonna come paint-balling with us on Saturday, but I guess there was something better going on in Pikesville.
by lukeod May 20, 2005

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