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B stock is a unit that was used as a demo unit/ or display model normally by the manufacturer who then sells it to the retail stores at a lower price who then sells it to the public for a lower price.
We have that b stock item for 750 instead of the usual price of 900.
by Luke March 20, 2006
What the abbreviation "CV" stands for: A record of your previous experiences and qualifications.
Please send in your Curriculum Vitae to this address:
by Luke May 10, 2005
really good, golden
That girls midas son
by luke December 23, 2002
...was the bomb in Phantoms.
Word, bitch, Phantoms like a mo'fucker!
by Luke February 24, 2005
great. it could have come from an indian background. it mite hav been a name. see cool and wicked.
this is so sumil.
that car is so sumil.
that geek is so NOT sumil
by luke January 05, 2005
when you bang in a portajon
Luke asked Erin if she wanted to portafuck at the golf course.
by Luke March 25, 2004
<b>The best producer of game music.</b>
"God, Sonic Mayhem's stuff in Quake 3 totally owns".
by Luke April 02, 2003

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