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Supposedly a male poster at nma-fallout.com/forum, who ever since he had a vasectomy have been experiencing severe period pain.
"Hi, my name is Dove. But oh no!, now I'm having that terrible period pain again!"
by Luke April 30, 2005
Pregnant out of wedlock, Bearing a bastard child.
"i knocked up some irc slut"
by luke October 18, 2001
A poorly made omelette, or a person of lesser intellegence or skill compared to one's self.
"Who made this nooblet?" or "You forgot the salt again, you nooblet!"
by Luke February 02, 2005
A stupid or ignorant person.
"Listen to me, ya jak!"
by Luke January 12, 2003
Sum 1 with pure big hair no matter wot the colour of there skin
Mate get ur wog chopped u look like frigin marge simpson
by Luke November 23, 2003
Could be used also as a verb; to devour quickly.
1) "So after I domepieced that corn whisky, I pulled a Ron Burgundy and ate the cat poo?"
2) "Dude, I have never seen anyone domepiece a fat chicks vag-cheese like you.!"
by Luke March 03, 2005
Comes originally from a necular radiation suit test gone wrong resulting in giant radioactive rubber pants.It now means that you are obease and are so out of style that you practically are radioactive
"fuck you go put on your gian radioactive rubber pants"
by luke April 15, 2004

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