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An award given to someone for creating something or doing something that is considered, well, a piece of shit!
Me: Look at this cool picture I drew!
John: It looks like it's worthy of a Nobel Piece of Shit Prize!
Me: What do you mean?
John: Well obviously it's a piece of shit picture. It looks like a box with wheels and WTF is up with the window pane?
Me: You fucking whore, it's a car. You don't have to make fun of my lack of artistic ability.
John: Who in the fucking fuck draws a car with a window pane? You're a dumbass!
Me: Well I do. Do you have a problem with it?
John: Well yes I do.
Me: Go fuck yourself John! You deserve a Nobel Piece of Shit Prize for being the biggest piece of shit person to ever exist!
John: Okay that may be true, but Creed is more worthy of a Nobel Piece of Shit Prize than me.
Me: That is so true! Creed is the biggest piece of shit band EVER!!!!!!!!!
#creed #shit #nobel peace prize #slammin' sam the backdoor man #crappy #fagalicious
by lucyslking May 23, 2010
The ultimate anal pounder. Known to be relentless.
Dan: Did you hear about what Slammin' Sam The Backdoor Man did to Alexis last night?
Me: No?
Dan: He tore her up. I hear she's bleeding today.
#anal pounder #anal #rectum #penis #backdoor #slamming
by lucyslking April 03, 2010
Another name for a vagina.
Jon: Did you hear about what I did last night?
Kyle: No....
Jon: I totally got my meat accepted by a meat acceptor!
Kyle: Good for you!
#vagina #vag #meat grinder #beaver #kitty
by lucyslking April 03, 2010
Perhaps the largest growing sport in the world. Quite self explanatory actually. It's similar to downhill snowboarding but kitties are used instead of snowboards. Plus you get 5 seconds shaved off your official finishing time for every extra kitty you happen to kill along your way to the finish line. Unfortunately PETA had to be the hormonal bitches that they are and keep it out of the Vancouver Winter Olympics.
Random guy: Are you up for some dead kitty snowboarding?
Me: Sure. Just let me go grab a kitty and punt it in the wood chipper real quick. I'm running low on kitties. I wonder why..............
#kitty #kitty killer #snowboarding #dead #cat #wood chipper #punting
by lucyslking April 04, 2010
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