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28 definitions by lucky

'fucking annoying bitch'.
*girl rams into guys car.*
Guy: "That's f'noitch!"
by Lucky October 30, 2003
33 23
When your four front teeth are so jacked they look like the westside hand sign. Where your middle and ring finger are crossed and your index and pinky finger are stretched as far apart as they can be, simulating a "W"
Bro, check that bitch with the "west side teeth." She makes the word beaver mean small mammal that cuts down trees with it's teeth again!!!
by Lucky January 20, 2004
12 7
Someone "rollin on both wheels" means they are bisexual, and nasty. If you rol towards the Front wheel, you like females. If you roll towards the Back wheels, you like boys.
"man, melissa is rollin on both wheels."
by lucky March 25, 2005
3 1
North Eastern background. Meaning Quite, or rather.
Thats canny good.

She's canny dead.
by Lucky July 12, 2004
167 165
see: ass gasket
There were no Puerto Rican life vests in the stall I chose but it was to late to change stalls so I had to hover
by Lucky January 18, 2004
20 18
What do you mean... Strip clubs are great, after a long day at work I can get my face burried in some hot stripper's snoods for a dollar!!!
by Lucky October 29, 2003
5 4
Anything a cock could possibly be inserted in
Shut you ten cock garage. or My arse aint a cock garage. or She is just a cock garage.
by Lucky November 05, 2002
8 7