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When a guy devolopes infatuation with a girl he is not involved with, or maybe just a friend thinking he is in love with that girl
I love that girl, i think she is the most beutiful girl in the world. She is funny, loving and I just want to be with her for the rest of my life, to bad she doesn't know me...
by lucid March 03, 2005
Thomas X, related to Malcolm X, A cellar dweller at his mommies house, likes and wants to get with fat internet chicks, A Chubby Chaser! Has a fetish with crystal xbox
Tomx wants to get with April
by Lucid June 22, 2004
A state of ones own mind. To let your mind wander away from itself within itself
My mind naggers on without me
by Lucid September 16, 2003

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