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4 definitions by lskatz

When your phone is in your front pocket and you accidentally call someone.
Lee: You ass called me the other day.
James: But my phone was in my front pocket!
Lee and James together: Ball Call!!
by lskatz February 26, 2009
Text message chicken is the game of text messaging back and forth between you and another person where the weakest person gives up and just calls the other person.
Emily: Hello?
Lee: Hi, I didn't feel like text messaging anymore and so I am calling you instead.
Emily: You just lost a game of text message chicken, loser.
by lskatz July 10, 2008
A class in college designed specifically to fail students who are not good enough for a particular major. These courses usually have a high failure rate. The students who fail that class are "weeded" out of that major.
He could not major in biology after he failed genetics. Genetics was a weeding class.
by lskatz August 28, 2008
A combination of the Spanish words hermano and romántico (brother and romance), which indicates a very close relationship between two male friends.
Those two guys are so tight, they are hermántico!
by lskatz February 17, 2010