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A very humorous and clever Portmanteau of the word "fuck" and the popular jam and jelly brand "Smuckers." Commonly accompanied withe the word "jamn," an amalgamation of "Jiff" brand peanut butter and the expletive "damn." Used to denote something that is particularly sucktastical, usually school related.
Kid 1: "Dude, do we have any APUSH homework?"
Kid 2: "Yes. Read bleh"
Kid 1: "Fmuckers and jamn!"
Kid 2: "Tru dat"

Kid A: "Hey hoe, isn't that paper due tomorrow?"
Kid B: "Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa"
Kid A: "Fmuckers and jamn!"
Kid B: "indeedddddddddddddddd"
by lowd January 27, 2009

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