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LSS can also be known as LS Syndrom. LSS stands for Love Struck Syndrome and it's when you love/lust for a guy or girl physically and/or mentally, whether you've dated them or not.
You see your bestie drawing hearts all over a piece of paper, looking distant with a odd look in their eyes

You say: Dude, do you have LSS because it seriously looks like it.

Then your bestie blushes really hard and looks away.
by lovelyladyV October 10, 2012
floss that is said to exist in a cabinet and yet isn't there
dan:do we have floss?


(looks in the cabinet)

dan:all I see is invisifloss
by lovelyladyV October 11, 2011
an unshaved pussy with brown hairs
brandon: omg....I had sex with saphire last night and omg she has a major hashbrown
by lovelyladyV July 18, 2011

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