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Guys love them, but women not. What's cool about having a big booty? Instead of using a size 5, using a 7? Having lots of retarded guys looking at your butt while they say silly compliments to call your attention? Plus, even if you don't live in a ghetto place, you are not black or a dark skin latina (but a pale latina instead, like me) and you have a big booty is even worse.
J Lo has a ghetto booty? NO, she's a very average looking niuyorican with an average butt 'cause in Puerto Rico about 90% of women have ghetto booties 'cause Puerto Rico is a huge ghetto.

Ghetto booties are a pain in the ass when is time to buy jeans. Where all the size sevens go?
by lovely_miss_jayjay June 24, 2007
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